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NLOC Innovations, LLC was organized in 2003 as a subsidiary of Erv Smith Services, Inc, a specialist in heating and ventilation since 1964. 

Our new company was carefully formed with members whose primary expertise is listening to, understanding, and meeting the specific needs of a wide variety of customers. Our patented assembly method revolutionizes spray booth design and installation. Instead of fumbling around with nuts-and-bolts assembly for days, many NLOC paint booths can be assembled in mere hours, with simple, self-sealing, locking flange that also offers a much smoother, sleeker appearance.

Since 2003, our paint spray booths, paint mix rooms, and various enclosures have been set-up by amazed installation crews. Innovation at NLOC doesn’t end with our assembly method.  Our airflow distribution methods deliver much more evenly distributed air movement through the spray booth. No one in the industry can do it as well. Our staff will take the time to discuss your options for equipment that can save you thousands of dollars on your energy bill each year…An area which most of our competitors pay little or no attention to.

Most importantly, NLOC is staffed with friendly, truly customer-focused people! Every decision we make is prefaced by reviewing how we could make the product easier or better for our customers. We ask for the privilege of an opportunity to earn your business by providing you with extraordinary service and unique products.

Growing your business is key to our business!

NLOC Technology

We've developed a high quality spray booth that will save you money immediately on installation.

Energy efficient

Reduce the make-up air required for your spray booth with our proprietary "Tactical Flo" design with re-circulated air.

Precision air flow

Maintain a balanced paint booth and extend filter life, allowing full loading of filters without sacrificing airflow.

humidity and temp control

Control temperature and humidity levels in your product finishing operation and have a major impact on your bottom line.

NLOC Innovations

Fax: 715.836.8365
1935 Truax Blvd, Eau Claire, Wi. 54703

Growing your business is key to our business!
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