Why not integrate controls into your system! This is how you can fine tune and automate your finishing system to meet the specific needs of your environment. Start minimizing energy consumption, maximizing savings, and accomplishing better looking paint jobs.

Looking to increase efficiency for your existing spray operations? Allow us to analyze your current system and provide you with affordable and intelligent solutions. A decision to retrofit will reduce your operating costs!

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NLOC Technology

We've developed a high quality spray booth that will save you money immediately on installation.

Energy efficient

Reduce the make-up air required for your spray booth with our proprietary "Tactical Flo" design with re-circulated air.

Precision air flow

Maintain a balanced paint booth and extend filter life, allowing full loading of filters without sacrificing airflow.

humidity and temp control

Control temperature and humidity levels in your product finishing operation and have a major impact on your bottom line.

NLOC Innovations

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